Stage 1 - Initial consultation

We meet and I take down a detailed brief from you about everything you desire/require from the redesign of your garden.

This allows me to put together a personalised proposal running through everything we have discussed and outlining the fees appropriate to fulfil those requirements.

Stage 2 – Survey

On agreement with these fees and payment of a deposit, depending on the scale of the site either a third party surveyor or we will carry out a detailed Survey and Site analysis.

Using CAD and hand drawn sketches a concept plan develops

These ideas and concepts will be sent through to you to allow for a conversation to develop as work progresses, with a meeting at an appropriate time to discuss the final layout.

Stage 3 - Final Layout Designs

The formalisation of this final layout, further Presentation plans and Illustrations to demonstrate the overall design.

Discussions continue with regards to the final planting, styles, conditions etc.

Example Layout Plan

Stage 4 - Structural / Technical Specification

Structural drawings for any particular building detailing

Specifications – covering all the finer details for construction

Electric/irrigation plans – as required

At this point we are ready to obtain quotes and then appoint a contractor.

Depending on where you are we work with a selection of great landscape contractors or can find one suitable. Equally we are very happy to work with your own builders.

We start to have further more detailed discussions with regards to the planting.

Working up initial suggestions into a formalised Planting plan.

Stage 5 - Work Begins

Commencement of construction

We help to oversee the build and liaise with the contractor over all the details as required.

Stage 6 - Final Steps

Finally the planting is all confirmed and typically plants are supplied and planting is undertaken by us as building work completes.

At this point we often help sourcing Furniture etc.

Any finishing off